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A Doable Resolution: One Day at a Time

​As I consider how am I going to approach the New Year and the new decade, my brain gets all kinds of grand ideas, but my heart says, “Take it one day, one moment, at a time.” Whether I’m telly skiing through the moguls, trail running over rocks and roots, or living and breathing in community with others, the best way I have found to navigate around the obstacles and find joy and peace in the journey is to take it one day, one moment, at a time. If I can remain awake to and aware of the status of my inner and outer world and simultaneously look ahead with curiosity and courage, I have the greatest chance of being my authentic self and living in harmony with my surroundings. Sure, I’ll slip u

How to identify your Sankalpa and stay true to it in your daily life

​In Sanskrit, san means something that’s born from your heart, that comes from deep within you. It’s not intellectual; it’s born from your heart and can be formulated into words that you can ponder and think about. And kalpa means something that unfolds over time. So a sankalpa is a deep intention that unfolds over time that you carry with you into your life and throughout your lifetime. Sankalpa is your heart’s innate desire or purpose, your life philosophy. Living your heartfelt desire leads to joy, resiliency, peace and unchanging wellbeing. Thus, it’s good to know what it is and keep it top of mind. To help you identify and clarify your heartfelt desire, ask yourself the following: What

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