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"LPF is a wonderful, low stress and very satisfying way to rediscover the pleasure of breathing deeply and properly, and it immediately enhanced everything else I was doing in physical therapy. My posture improved, and I felt like my entire thoracic area was simply working better afterwards (from the neck all the way down to the pelvic area)." – AY

I am fascinated by this multi-disciplinary, holistic practice and how the strength and mobility of the diaphragm impacts our physiology and psychology.

For me, because of my LPF practice, I can breathe with greater ease on hikes with elevation and altitude and my posture feels more naturally aligned with both a sense of stability and mobility.

As a certified LPF trainer, I offer 1-1 training, group classes and workshops locally in Bozeman as well as virtually via Zoom. 

View local events HERE and CONTACT ME to schedule a private training session


Intro to Low Pressure Fitness Hypopressives (via Zoom)

  • 11:00 - 11:50 am Mondays and Wednesdays*
    October 2 - November 30

    *There are no classes Oct 23 and 25
    $85 – Once a week
    $155 – Twice a week
    Classes include: myofascial release, gentle movement, breathwork, LPF foundational poses, releases and relaxation/mini iRest

"LPF has been the most effective non-invasive 'treatment' for my prolapse." – LG


Here are a few links to learn more about the history and science of the practice from my teachers Tamara Rial and Becky Keller:

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