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Practices for reducing stress and tension and boosting inner peace


I hope you’ve had a joyous summer and are enjoying the onset of fall and the back-to-school vibe.

If you sometimes find your mind racing and your body holding tension, here are a few mini practices for reducing stress and tension and boosting inner peace. Some days you may just need one, other days you may choose to do them all. Each helps to regulate the nervous system, restoring a sense of homeostasis in the body and mind. Enjoy!

Mini Movement Practice

I recorded this 6-minute video for my MSU Into to Yoga Nidra Meditation students and thought you may enjoy a mini-movement practice, too.

5 Mini Meditation Practices

Tune into your senses.

Our senses provide an anchor to the present moment. Bringing focused attention to each can bring a sense of calm and ease to the body and mind. To begin this mindfulness practice, notice sensations where your body contacts the support you’re resting upon. Notice the texture of your clothing and the temperature of the air on your skin; sounds in your environment, those far away and those in close proximity; colors, light, shapes, and shadows; any taste in the mouth; scent in the air. Notice how your body and mind feel after this mini practice. If you have time, continue on to feeling the breath.

Feel your breath.

To start, simply join in with the flow of the inhale and the exhale. There is nothing to fix, change or analyze, just follow the flow