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A Doable Resolution: One Day at a Time

​As I consider how am I going to approach the New Year and the new decade, my brain gets all kinds of grand ideas, but my heart says, “Take it one day, one moment, at a time.”

Whether I’m telly skiing through the moguls, trail running over rocks and roots, or living and breathing in community with others, the best way I have found to navigate around the obstacles and find joy and peace in the journey is to take it one day, one moment, at a time. If I can remain awake to and aware of the status of my inner and outer world and simultaneously look ahead with curiosity and courage, I have the greatest chance of being my authentic self and living in harmony with my surroundings. Sure, I’ll slip up and trip up, that’s part of the learning and growing process. The key is to not launch into self-judgment, shame or blame and instead, get up, reorient myself, and keep on keeping on while reconnecting to the joy, peace and humor of it all.

2019 had some big shifts for me that I never would have predicted at the start of the year. Looking ahead to 2020 I am curious what will unfold as I continue to push the boundaries of my comfort zone out a bit further. I know the still and peaceful core of this zone well and that I can return to it to rest and refill when needed. And I am curious what growth lies ahead in this new decade and the next half-century of my life!!

In the yoga teachings there is a word, SANKALPA, for this driving life force. It’s kind of like a new year’s resolution for your life. Put another way, it is your heartfelt mission or desire for how you want to live your life, such as: to be loving and kind, to be of service, to live with meaning and purpose, or to have boundless joy. My heartfelt desire, or sankalpa, is to live with truth in my thoughts words and actions, with truth being the essential, unconditional love and energy of nature. To me there is no greater truth. Nature does not judge, shame or blame. It is abundant, available and authentic. A daisy is a daisy; it doesn’t try to be a rose. The sunrise does not rush nor complain about the clouds keeping it from being seen. The stars shine bright for everyone. If I can just be me and live in integrity with myself – aligning my thoughts, words and actions with universal truth and unconditional love – I believe this is my greatest chance to live in harmony with my surroundings. And the only way I can do this is one day, one moment, at a time.

As 2019 draws to a close and the sun rises on 2020, I wish you peace and joy one day, one moment, at a time.

With Love,


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