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Yoga doesn't take time… it gives time

“Yoga doesn't take time … it gives time,” Ganga White. When MSU closed to in-person classes and Yoga 150 and 230 went online (as did all other MSU classes), I tapped into the depth and power of the practice with the intention of helping my students adjust to our new awkward and uncertain situation. Rather than holding classes on zoom and requiring them to login at a certain time from wherever they were sheltering, I decided to give them time and space to view video practices online. This format was intended as a way for the students to be with the awkwardness, uncertainty and fear as well as the beauty, simplicity, and peace of pandemic lockdown. I wanted the class to help them be more open

Obstacles and Opportunities

When life feels out of alignment, heavy, scattered or overwhelming from obstacles that are too many or too large, a new perspective can be just the reset we need. This can be literal in the sense of stepping away from a situation to gain a broader perspective or a shift in mindset such as looking for opportunities rather than obstacles. Like skiing through the moguls or running downhill on a rocky trail, when we consciously choose to see opportunities rather than obstacles clarity emerges and, with it, stress and tension lessen and we feel more present, connected to and in harmony with our Self and our environment. This can also be applied to our meditation practice. As obstacles arise – unp

The Unexpected Gardener

​ ​Are you feeling that what you know and take comfort in is being overturned… and blended with other’s s**t? That, my friend, is spring 2020 and the collective tilling of the soil of our lives — of humanity — as we prepare for new growth. The COVID19 pandemic is having us rethink how we do things, why we do things, and who we do them with. It’s simple at times (which pair of sweatpants should I put on today) and complex at other times (when should businesses reopen?). As many of us shelter in place in the comfort of our homes, we have time to consider what we’re going to hang on to and what we’re going to let go of as we tend the soil and plant the seeds for new growth in a new normal. Wha

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