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Meditation Apps vs Online Live Meditation Community

During these times of uncertainty and instability many people are turning to meditation to learn how to better cope with the waves of craziness and find strength and solace within themselves and their community. As the saying goes, we can’t control the waves, but we can learn to surf.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has limited in-person gatherings and learning options, apps and Zoom have become the go-to source.I use both regularly depending on my intention. If you’re new to either here’s a short list of what both have to offer and my personal opinion and usage of both.

Meditation Apps (Insight Timer, Headspace, Calm)

  • available 24/7

  • choice of length of time and flavor of practice

  • can be practiced independently (i.e. in your pajamas)

  • variety of teachers

  • no connection/rapport with the teacher or other practitioners

  • free or fee-based

  • most of the apps are for-profit companies

Online Meditation Community via Zoom (Mind Oasis)

  • offered at specific times during the day

  • 30-minutes in duration

  • variety of teachers

  • varied themes all based on teachings of Samatha meditation (peaceful abiding, tranquility)

  • diverse, friendly and welcoming community

  • connection/rapport with teacher and other participants

  • follow-up email with additional resources after each practice

  • free or paid subscription

  • Mind Oasis is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring the timeless benefits of meditation to practitioners worldwide via live streaming sessions.

During this time of isolation I have found strength and solace in my meditation practice, both independently and in the Mind Oasis (MO) online meditation community. I never expected to enjoy or look forward to a group meditation practice over Zoom but, the truth is, I do! That judgment melted away quickly after I met the teachers and other practitioners from around the country joining in. Instead of feeling isolated in my small mountain town home, I felt a connection with them. No one is untouched by this pandemic. This fact connects us as we see one another sitting in our homes, cars and offices taking a moment to pause and breathe. A pause to know, consciously or unconsciously, that we’re not alone. While 2020 has been full of surprises, creating heartfelt human connection through the MO community has been one of my favorites. You can learn more and join in (for free) at

When I cannot join a MO meditation or am in my pajamas, I use the Insight Timer app or my own personal practice (a cherished morning ritual). This quiet, still time to myself is cleansing, calming and soul nourishing.

If you have questions about either platform let me know. You can also join me on Mind Oasis for iRest Yoga Nidra Wednesday nights, 7 pm MST, and every other Wednesday at 11 am MST, for a peaceful abiding guided meditation practice.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best. May you and all beings be happy, safe and free from suffering.

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