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Do Mayan Shaman watch SuperSoul.TV?

I love the perspective Elizabeth Gilbert shares in her talk on SuperSoul.TV titled Flight of the Hummingbird. Like the women who wrote her, I DON’T HAVE A PASSION and if I did, I think I’d know!

My search for it has gone something like this…

Advertising and public relations… ski instructing… waiting tables… producing a local newspaper… waiting tables… events planning… hotel management… marketing… web page design… SEO geek… Montessori teacher (training)… non-profit management … yoga teacher… health coach… entrepreneur... yoga school exec assistant... essential oil and green shake ambassador...

All this has churned together with an ongoing love-hate relationship with myself because the path wasn’t clear or purposeful. Where was the passion?!

As the years pass I have gotten better at listening inward and letting go of finding that one thing. I've come to accept the perspective of the hummingbird that Elizabeth Gilbert shares. I know I will never be able to settle on just one thing. To me, life is a wonderful mix of things I want to explore, simply and quietly. I am happiest when I humble myself to the power of nature, opening up and surrendering to the rhythms of nature, the pure potentiality, the love. To see it in me, to see in others - this is my flight.

A couple weeks ago I was in Guatemala and had the wonderful opportunity to meet a traditional Mayan Shaman who shared a ceremony and private readings with our group of yogis. In my reading he told me that one of my spirit animals is a hummingbird. He also told me, “Cities no good for you. You need to be in nature.”

This offered me a sort of permission, a validation that I am on the right, varied and ever changing, path of my life. I wish you joy on your path!

Namaste :)

Live, love, laugh and learn. Everyday.

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