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Holiday Self-Care Tips

"An empty lantern provides no light.

Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly”

With the holiday season here, I’d like to share these self-care tips with you to support a sense of ease and joy in your body and mind.

5 Self-Care Tips That Take Less than 5 Minutes

  1. Stay hydrated. Balance out the eggnog, mulled wine, and mistletoe martinis this holiday season with plenty of pure, clean water The American Water Works Association ranked Bozeman as having the third best-tasting tap water in North America, and the best in the State of Montana! Read more.

  2. Chant OM. The vibrations from chanting OM stimulate the vagus nerve, which then sends out neurotransmitters and electrical signals that reduce activity to key areas of the brain like the amygdala, associated with our fight or flight response. Read more.

  3. Practice gratitude. A little and often. The sparkle of the snow. A child’s hand-made ornament. A hug from a dear friend. A smile from a stranger. Read more.

  4. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Repeat. Read more.

  5. Set an intention. Intentions help to bring your thoughts, words and actions into alignment. Read more.

Practicing all the above a little and often help to maintain a healthy balance in your nervous system. Think of them as making small investments often into your self-care bank account so that it never has an overdraft (burn-out).

To make a larger investment in your self-care account, which will allow you to withdraw more (to manage increased holiday stress), set aside time for practices that deeply nourish your body, mind and spirit.

If “I don’t have time for this” or “Self-care is selfish” should pop into your head I ask you to try this short practice:

  • Let your attention drop down from your head down into your body.

  • Sense the support that is beneath you, the space that is around you.

  • Open your senses to the sounds, light, scents that might be present. Not searching, just noticing what’s in your awareness.

  • Then notice your breath. Feel the expansion of the inhale and the release of the exhale in the body. Stay here for a couple of breaths.

  • Now think of your intention for today. How do you want to be/feel/show-up? Examples may be: “I am clear and calm. I am in harmony with my environment. I maintain healthy boundaries. I am creative and courageous.” Linger here for a bit, maybe closing your eyes and feeling this intention as real and true.

  • Now bring your awareness back to the room around you, feeling the support beneath you and a sense of gratitude for having taken this little journey.

This holiday season; fill your lantern with fuel so you can shine brightly for the people and events in your life.

“I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.” – Jim Rohn

“People who love themselves come across as very loving, generous, and kind; they express their self-confidence through humility, forgiveness, and inclusiveness.” – Sanaya Roman

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