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More love, less fear from big sky country

On the drive to the trailhead this morning I was listening to NPR. The stories, national and global, had a common theme of violence, upheaval and divide. Then I came upon this (Hyalite Lake) and turned off the radio, got out of the car, and stared. I felt divided myself between a world filled with chaos and a world filled with beauty.

I decided to dedicate my run to the beauty. With each breath I sent out love to the world. On a twelve mile trail run that’s a lot of exhales and a whole lot of love (could you feel it?)! I cannot mend a broken world, but I can breathe. The run was fantastic - cool morning air, bird song, wildflowers all around, and my four-legged running companion darting in and out of the woods and streams so full of energy.

Whether I’ve known you all my life, we just met or we have yet to meet, please know I sent you love this morning straight from big sky country. We are one humanity sharing our time and space on this earth. May we do so with more love and less fear.



View from the trail...

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