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My Clean Green Journey

I’m on day 7 of a 10-day cleanse. One of those pre-made shake cleanses. The kind I thought I’d never do because I am a strong advocate of whole, natural FOOD. Real food that you bite into not shake-up in a tumbler. But, I thought I’d set aside my judgment and try it. Wondering, can I do it? What will I learn from it?

I chose a product that is organic, vegan and non-GMO, with no synthetic or artificial ingredients. From what I researched and discussed with others it is a company with integrity and a mission to help heal the world.

I asked my husband to join me on the clean green journey so together we could watch our son eat lasagna and chocolate ice cream while we sip our green juices.

So far so good. I feel good, mentally and physically. I have gone running, skiing and to hot yoga with no less energy or focus. Although today I got whiney and missed dark, rich, black coffee, red wine and light, dry, crisp, salty foods – with a cleanse it’s all wet and juicy and mostly sweet. I know this is a very first-world problem. So I kick myself for the silliness of it and remember how truly blessed I am to have this option.

What I like most about the cleanse and having shakes for meals three times a day (plus real fruit and veg in between) is the extra time I have from not thinking about what I’m going to eat, preparing it and cleaning up afterwards. I also notice my relationship with food and habitual patterns. I notice that often I eat out of routine and habit rather than hunger. With the option removed (to eat this or that) and have the shake, I realize that I am not really all that hungry and can pay attention to what the feeling is like to want/crave something salty and crunchy or heavy and warm.

It is for the last reason, relationship with food, that I’d like to continue with the shakes after the ten days. Observing how much I, and arguably we as a culture, put into our bodies beyond what is necessary is interesting. Is it society? How did we get so far from simply filling our basic need to losing touch with it? I watch people, seemingly mindlessly, putting food (usually highly processed sugary-fatty-salty foods) into their bodies. How do our bodies cope with this? What are we doing to the human race by making this the norm for so many while so many others suffer from hunger and starvation? I don’t know the answer. But hope it is something we can figure out for the health and well being of our children and our planet.

Another interesting observation is my overall relationship with food. Having suffered from an eating disorder/disordered eating in my teens and 20s, this will always be a concern for me. Eating disorders are unlike other substance abuse. You can take alcohol away from a person. You cannot take food away. Instead you have to learn how to manage your relationship with it, recognize your patterns and behaviors and learn to manage them.

Through this cleanse, along with my yoga practice (both on and off the mat) I am learning more and more to appreciate my human body, its function and purpose, and my relationship with it.

​​So, I will finish out the 10-day cleanse and likely continue afterward as I develop a greater sense of mindfulness of my patterns and behaviors – those that serve me and those that don’t. And kudos to my hubby for joining me! Love that guy!

Also, special thanks to Nancy Ruby – my employer, teacher, friend, neighbor, and fellow green juice drinker – for talking me into giving it a try. If you want to find out more or try a 10-day cleanse of your own, contact me. I have a few gift cards I’d be happy to share with you!

To your health,


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