“The only time you ever have in which to learn anything or see anything or feel anything, or express any feeling or emotion, or respond to an event, or grow, or heal, is this moment, because this is the only moment any of us ever gets. You’re only here now; you’re only alive in this moment.”

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Join me in-person or online (via Zoom) for a ​class, course, workshop, retreat or private session. See the calendar below and  CONTACT ME to book a private session or group event. Please note, times are listed in Mountain Time. Please convert for your time zone. 

The Invitation

  • A 30-minute Guided Meditation on zoom
    4:00 pm Tuesdays
    5:30 pm Thursdays


Ridge Athletic Club

  • Gentle Yoga - 11:10 am - 12:10 pm - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays


  • Free 6-week Mindset Series (online)
    Online yoga, mindfulness & education to build resilience for the brain injury community
    2:00 - 3:15 pm - Wednesdays, January 5 - February 9


Ski Bridger Bowl

  • For Women Only
    Five 2.5 hour sessions 
    Thursdays 10:00 am or 1:00 pm
    Session 1: Jan.6 - Feb. 3
    Session 2: Feb. 24 - Mar. 24

  • Private sessions (adult or kids)
    Half-day or Full-day
    Sundays 9:00 am or 12:30 pm


Montana State University

  • Intro to Yoga Nidra Meditation (1-credit course)