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with Turi Hetherington, RYT500, Heart of Sound: Mantra & Nada Yoga, and iRest® Level 2 Teacher

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TUES   12:00 – 1:00 pm MST

APR 21 - MAY 26

Learn the 10-step protocol of iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation, a research-based meditation, relaxation and healing protocol.


The practice of iRest enables you to deeply calm your nervous system, integrate difficult thoughts and emotions, and offers a portal for awakening to your essential nature.


Research shows iRest effectively reduces stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, and enhances joy, equanimity and well being in daily life.

The best way to learn it is to experience it.

Join Turi, and a community of others on a healing journey for this 6-week course. 

“This was my first attempt at any kind of intentional mindfulness exercise. I have done yoga in the past, but mindfulness/meditation always felt secondary in that practice whereas this was the primary activity. Turi made the practice feel safe and accessible for someone who might have been skeptical and definitely a newcomer.

The course showed me that my mind and my body do not exist in silos and that one is very much connected to the other. With intention and guidance from Turi, I was able to tune into both my mind and body in ways that I had not previously.” - Joe

“Turi’s knowledgeable guidance, kind words and inspiration have been foundational in my personal journey of healing. With Turi’s help I have been able to find deeper healing and understanding of myself for the journey of wellness as a TBI person.” - Lori

“I appreciate the research Turi provides that supports the practice and her warm, caring presence.” - Andrea

“Turi’s lovely voice and energy is key to how well people respond to her classes.” - Kara

This course will be offered live via ZOOM video conferencing. 

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